Family Cyber Alert

Family Cyber Alert 4.37

Keep your family safe online


  • Password protection
  • Can disable individual features
  • List of blocked websites/keywords
  • Easy to use


  • Not attractive
  • Instant messaging monitoring didn't work


Family Cyber Alert is a comprehensive application that will allow you to monitor what your children are getting up to when they're online.

It's really difficult to keep kids safe online but an app like Family Cyber Alert will make it easier. The program divides monitoring into various sections - applications used, websites visited, keystrokes and files accessed. It also monitors instant messaging conversations and can be configured to take regular screenshots, so you can see exactly what's going on.

Family Cyber Alert worked well in tests - when you unhide the program, you can see a comprehensive list of absolutely everything that has been done on the computer since you last checked. The program is protected by a password and doesn't show up under Task Manager, so it's difficult to detect or modify the app unless you know the hotkey to reveal the management interface.

Unfortunately, Family Cyber Alert didn't do well on instant messaging conversations, and seemed unable to record chatting activity, except when a chat window randomly appeared in a screenshot. Family Cyber Alert isn't a very attractive program either - it looks old-fashioned and monitoring results aren't the easiest to view or manage. Apart from this, however, Family Cyber Alert is an accessible and easy to use device that will help protect your kids from online predators.

Keep an eye on your kids with Family Cyber Alert.

User reviews about Family Cyber Alert

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